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Safe Space Solutions' Standardized Safety Indexing supports Enterprise resilience.

Social Distancing

Track distance between people, groups and assets in in real time and get notified of violations.

Cluster Density

Measure and restrict how crowded an area is to prevent the spread through proactive response.

Safety Compliance

Measure how safe people are in a given area with respect to hygiene, safety compliances and PPE.

Sanitization Measures

Ensure that proper sanitary measures are being taken and mandated guidelines are being followed at scale.

The complete solution to monitor, analyze, and respond to COVID19 and safety risks to create healthy, resilient and smart buildings.

Monitoring to enable immediate preventative action.

Any cameras connected to a Safe Space Solution can alert the safety manager or appropriate authority if the mandated procedures are not strictly followed.

Provide real-time insights into people & space safety.

Certified Spaces bring confidence to the workplace or storefront. Customized computer vision algorithms analyze footage from onsite video cameras to ensure employees are maintaining safe distances from one another.

Provable compliance options. Detect safety and sanitization violations 24/7

Build resilience and trust for many locations and have the data intelligence to prove your compliance.

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